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Carbon Fiber Surfboard Construction

Carbon fiber surfboard models by Guy Takayama take high performance surfboards to the next level. After decades of working with polyester, Guy conceptualized a new board design that maximizes the benefits of advanced materials for higher performance. This design includes an EPS foam core, proprietary fiberglass stringer system, and Carbon Fiber. The result is a surfboard that is hyper responsive, lightweight, fast, and simply out-performs traditional epoxy, wood composite, and polyurethane boards. Read on to learn about the technology and performance of Guy Takayama Carbon Fiber Surfboards, and view our dealer list to see the boards in person.

Guy Takayama Carbon Fiber Surfboard Construction


You may have seen carbon fiber surfboards in the market that are hollow, however Guy Takayama Surfboards are constructed beginning with a fused cell EPS Foam Core. The EPS blank is encased in a lamination of 4 oz fiberglass and a high density foam shell using epoxy resin. These blanks are created in custom, temperature-controlled  molds, producing the same beautiful shape every time. The proprietary fiberglass stringer system provides additional longitudinal flexibility and strength, comparable to PU with latitudinal twist and rebound.


Each surfboard is 100% hand layup for superior quality that can only be achieved by skilled craftsmen. Guy Takayama Carbon Fiber Surfboards feature 6 total ounces of fiberglass and 6 ounces of carbon fiber, both deck and bottom. That makes these surfboards extremely resistant to heel dents and extends their lifetime. Carbon fiber material also reduces the weight of the surfboard while increasing strength and durability.


New high performance models by Guy Takayama are fast and hyper responsive. Carbon Fiber surfboard shapes are designed specifically to optimize advanced materials and are 100% hand layups for superior quality. Advanced manufacturing processes and skilled craftsmen assure surfboard shape consistency. Guy Takayama Carbon Fiber surfboard models feature tapered rails for excellent maneuverability and quick release. Rocker and bottom shapes are made for noseriding as well as power and performance surfing.

Vent System

Surfboards made with carbon fiber material are designed with a vent system in the deck, which any surfboard would benefit from having. This vent contains a GORE® membrane that allows air pressure to balance between the EPS foam core of the surfboard and the exterior of the board when temperature changes cause the air to expand or contract.

This reduces the amount of internal air pressure that can develop in a surfboard in hot conditions (if stored in your car or sitting on the sand). This also reduces stress on materials and prolongs board life. No adjustments or regular maintenance required - just keep the vent clear of sand, wax, and dirt so that it can breathe properly.


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