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Kat Neff



Full Name & Nicknames: Kathryn Neff (Kat Neff)

Hometown: Carolina Beach, NC

Birth date: 01/23/2000

Age started surfing: 10yrs 

Stance: Regular 

Home break: Sunskipper-Carolina Beach, NC & Jax Beach Pier- Jacksonville Beach, Fl

Surf Club: University of North Florida Surf Team, Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association 

Social Media: @katneff 

Other sponsors: Indo Jax Surf School, Aussie Island Surf Shop, Jtags Jewelry, Endless Summer, Wrightsville Beach Loop, UNF Surf Team

Favorite  surfboard model: 9'4 Kanaloa- perfect to turn, noseride, and to ride consistently on the east coast

Favorite surf break: Wilderness-Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Warm water, nice long lines for shortboard or longboard, and a fun crowd where you can see the locals or fellow east coasters 

Favorite surf destination: Puerto Rico. I've had some of the best and biggest sessions of my life there. It is the east coast version of Hawaii but cheaper with Spanish slang. It's always warm and I've traveled there for several years and have made many friends of the years Also, as a Spanish minor in school, I love speaking Spanish.                                                              

Surfer’s that inspire you: Kassia Meador, Kaitlyn Maguire, Joel Tudor

What keeps you inspired to surf? Teaching the less fortunate how to surf. I've taught people who have autism, visual impairments, cancer, live in community homes, and orphan girls in India how to surf.

Surfing Career highlights:

  • 2014 Jr Women's Longboard ESA Easterns East Coast Champion 
  • 2016 2nd Place Jr. Women's Longboard ESA Easterns Finalist 
  • 3x Mid Atlantic Regional Champion 
  • 2017- 2nd Place Finish WB Wahine Pro Longboard Division
  • 2017- 1st Place WB Wahine Pro Shortboard 
  • 2017- 2nd Place Pro Longboard Salty Sweet Womens Pro/Am
  • Semi-finalist MSA Classic Invitational 2016/2017 

Favorite Surfing Moment: March 2017-Surfing Maria's in Rincon, Puerto Rico for the La Primavera Pro Longboard event. The waves were 6-8ft clean and it was pumping all weekend. Great friends, waves, warmth, and a lot of surfing in my favorite place in the world. 








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