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Kolohe GT-5 Performance Fun Board

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The Guy Takayama Kolohe GT5 Performance Fun Board is a mid-range surfboard that’s somewhere between a thruster and a performance longboard. Set it up as a 2+1 and rip it up in everything from 2 foot waves to overhead+. Go to single fin mode and carve arching sweepers. This is a super fun shape, half the fun is discovering how the GT5 performs in different wave sizes and conditions. Designed with a rounded pin tail you can bury in the water, and a nose shape that sets you up for noseriding.

The extra volume in this board allows the GT5 to sit higher on the water and paddle fast, so you can get back into the lineup to catch more waves. For high performance surfing on any size day, paddle out on the Kolohe GT5 Performance Fun Board.

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