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Same Ohana - Different Businesses

Guy Takayama Surfboards and Hawaiian Pro Designs

Aloha Friends,

Guy was blessed to be born to one of the “first families” of surfing, and has been inspired in his own life by many legends of our sport, but none more so than his father Raymond, and his Uncle Donald.  The Ohana Takayama continues to enjoy multiple generations of family members who are committed to the sport of surfing, and continue to honor the heritage of those that have led the way.  While one family, and one family name, Donald and Guy have separate and independent business operations, and it is important that this distinction is clear in the market place.

Guy’s reverence for his Uncle Donald is paramount, and Guy joins many in acknowledging that Donald was one of the best surfers and shapers in the history of our sport, founding his company Hawaiian Pro Designs (HPD).  His admission to the Surfing Hall of Fame stands as testimony to his contribution to the entire spectrum of surfing and the industry that he helped create. 

All shapers benefit from their mentors, and Guy benefitted greatly from the teaching of his father, uncle, and other legendary shapers such as Ben Aipa, Chris Slickmeyer, Tom Nesbit, and Les Potts, and expert fin designer Larry Allison.  As an elite pro surfer, Guy began designing his own boards at an early age to suit his personal style of high performance surfing.   This design odyssey ultimately led him to establish his own company, line of surfboards, fins, and accessories that have borne his personal brands for over 20 years.  The unique high performance surfboards featured on this website represent the end results of decades of development and hard work. 

Uncle Donald was a major influence in Guy’s life, and Donald’s passing in 2012 was a huge personal loss for Guy, the entire Ohana Takayama, and the surfing world at large.  Since that time, the HPD team has continued to produce surfboards with the same commitment to excellence that established HPD as one of the true flagship brands in our industry.  Guy and the entire team at Guy Takayama Surfboards hold the utmost respect for HPD, its team, and the beautiful surfboards they continue to make. 

Donald and Guy share the same family name, but again, it is important for all to understand that Hawaiian Pro Designs and Guy Takayama Surfboards are distinctly different and independent companies, brands, and product lines.  Guy Takayama Surfboards and  HPD both want everyone to know that as much as we all celebrate the accomplishments of Donald and Guy, and other members of Ohana Takayama, it is important to make it clear from a business perspective, that the two operations are completely separate.  We are working together with the HPD team to take every reasonable step to differentiate the two brands in the market place and to avoid any confusion that may exist for those not fully informed of the facts.

Thank you for your support of both brands over the years and we hope that this brief note helps provide clarity.

Mahalo from Guy and the Guy Takayama Surfboards Team

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