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Vent System

Guy Takayama Surfboard models with Carbon Fiber are designed with a vent system in the deck. This is just one of the many advanced technologies incorporated into Guy Takayama hyper performance surfboard models that allow these boards to perform at the highest level.  The GORE® membrane is an authentic state gas vent produced by the W.L. Gore Company of Germany, and reduces the amount of internal air pressure that can develop in a surfboard in hot conditions. This also reduces stress on materials and prolongs board life.

The vent contains a GORE® membrane that allows air pressure to balance between the EPS foam core of the surfboard and the exterior of the board. Every surfboard would benefit from having a vent, this protects the surfboard from de-lamination when temperature changes cause the air to expand or contract, like when your surfboard is in the sun for long periods of time, locked in a car on a hot day (avoid at all costs!) or traveling on an airplane.


No adjustments or regular maintenance is required for carbon fiber surfboard models that have the vent system- just keep the vent clear of sand, wax and dirt so that it can breathe properly.

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